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Wrestling may be an individual sport, but the bonds formed within a team are invaluable. Being part of a wrestling team teaches young athletes the essence of unity, cooperation, and collective support. It encourages them to celebrate not only their personal victories but also the successes of their teammates.

Youth Wrestling

We make the road to the top fun

The Eagle Wrestling Club is not just about grappling on the mat; it's a transformative experience designed to instill a love for the sport, teach essential life skills, and create a strong sense of camaraderie. We believe that wrestling is not just a sport; it's a journey of self-discovery, commitment, teamwork, and most importantly, fun!


Mighty Mites

PK-1st Grade (Ages 5-7)

Our Mighty Mites program is designed for the youngest aspiring athletes and wrestlers to create fun time on the mats. This group will learn the very basics of our sport with positive reinforcement. Our focus on fun will occur through basic athletic movements and lots of game time.

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Junior Eagles

Within the Junior Eagle Program we introduce competition and eventually scale to national and international competition. Our room is filled with motivated wrestlers that are ingrained with unique work ethics. This characteristic is contagious among kids dedicated to achieving success.

2nd-8th Grade

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The Eagle Wrestling Club has been developing young athletes for more than three decades. The Eagle Wrestling Club has produced State Champions, High School National Champions, NCAA D1 All-Americans, and NCAA D1 National Champions. We prepare young athletes for both their time on and off the mats.

9th-12th Grade

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What to bring

Proper preparation for wrestling practice is important to the success of your wrestler and the team. Please come to practice dressed in athletic gear, prepared with wrestling shoes, headgear, and water. Optional items: kneepads, sweatshirt and sweatpants, extra socks, mouthguard, hand sanitizer.


What to expect

Our coaches and teams expect each wrestler to give 100% during practice. This means showing up early, working hard, following directions and giving your all on the mat. Parents may view practice, but are encouraged to give athletes the space they need to succeed. Practice will include warm up exercises, technical practice and grappling.


code of conduct

We require all participants of the EWC and their families to treat all coaches, officials, wrestlers and spectators with dignity and respect. Furthermore, all involved must provide the highest level of care for all equipment and facilities provided by McDonogh School and the EWC. Disrespectful and destructive behavior will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate removal from McDonogh School's campus and the Eagle Wrestling Club.

What's to gain?

Wrestling will positively impact your child by instilling invaluable qualities like self-confidence, perseverance, and strong work ethic, setting them on a path to success both on and off the mat. Participating in youth wrestling offers numerous benefits, including improved physical fitness, enhanced mental discipline, and the development of lifelong friendships within a supportive and dedicated community.

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